Friday, September 6, 2013

Berserk Volume 5 by Kentaro Miura

Guts is my hostile, emotionally unstable hero. Okay, he's basically a complete jack-ass and although I know Griffith becomes a bad guy, Griffith's character is way more balanced. It's too bad that I know he becomes evil and joins the God Hand.

There's a lot of things about Berserk that I've always appreciated but one that I must mention, is the successful creepiness of the behelit which Griffith wears around his neck. It's said to be the pendent of an emperor and control the destiny of it's wearer. I have seen re-created pendents on the internet and I think I need to buy one. My inner geek cannot keep from controlling my bank account. Be still my young apprentice... (that's just me talking to the inner geek).

This volume of Berserk is still recanting the past, otherwise known as the Golden Years where Guts and Griffith are friends and fighting together with the band of Mercenaries known as the Hawks. From what I gather,it's the part of our heroes life where he was actually happy and appears to take place while he is in his teen years. I have a whole lot of Berserk to read... okay excuse me while I head back to that...

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