Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Negative Space #2

Negative Space is a truly fascinating story. There are few comics who's first issue makes such a lasting impression. I still remember it clearly in my mind and had been anticipating the second issue for some time. It was about time we see what is really going on in this unique science fiction.

It's strange calling it science fiction. Much of the stories that fall into the category find their second home with horror genres. Negative Space doesn't have the atmosphere although the action is there along with space suits and a bit of gore. The inner monologue of our stories unlikely hero gives this story a more personal quality than most science fiction stories are afforded. Perhaps I myself identify with the hero, from that place which resides in most of us that nurtures depression and negative thoughts. This story sets itself apart from the science fiction out there right now.

I'm certain I praised the artwork in my initial review of issue #1 but I shall say it again, love Owen's artwork. It fits perfectly.

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