Thursday, July 16, 2015

Silver Surfer #13 (The Last Days)

So my wonderful and favorite Marvel series has been penetrated by the inevitable touch of Secret Wars. Shhhhh don't worry... it's not terrible. Slott is still writing the story and I find he has a tremendous gentle hand at working in these Marvel crossovers (even if this one does result in the destruction of Marvel universe-as-we-know-it).

If you have been keeping up proper, then you know that the Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood kissed for the first time, at the end of issue 12. Oh calamity and drama has stricken our lovers and flung them into abstract existence as the universe implodes and disappears. You'll have to read the issue to find out but the end is nigh and our Silver Surfer universe will surely change. 

Not much is known to me about the state of Silver Surfer as a series to come. How will it survive the epic tear down of the current Marvel universe? I remember reading some time ago that there were no plans to terminate the series. Yet creators have been echoing that very thing since Secret Wars was announced, loudly proclaiming "my series will not die!!". Jason Latour himself to me that Spider-Gwen will survive the Secret Wars as there was no plans from Marvel to terminate the series. I only beg forgiveness that I have not had the time to reach out to Slott or Allred with the question of what is to become of our dearest Surfer. However if the words of Dawn Greenwood in this issue is any indication (and I feel this is a message from Slott to his fans), the future is alright and everyone will be fine!! 

So I leave you with that. Pick this one up, it's very important and as usual, visually stunning. Five Stars. You know I couldn't give it anything less. 

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