Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Royal Jelly : July 22nd 2015

Archie vs Sharknado One Shot
E is for Extinction #2
Disciples #2
Hawkeye #4
Wolf #1


Spider-man & the X-Men

A smaller list from me for this week but the titles are none the less special. For first releases we have Wolf #1 from Image Comics. Ales Kott recently known for Material, The Surface and Zero also from Image Comics, is bringing us a new werewolf story! I'm excited to check it out. Should do that tonight actually ;) Review to come.

I fell in love with the first part of E for Extinction and will definitely be grabbing issue two! Get that tomorrow as well! It's a two parter so cherish it while you can. I'm fricken in love with this artwork. Seriously. Awesome.

You should also grab Spider-man & the X-men. I really enjoyed this series and perfect for that special comic loving kid in your life.

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