Saturday, September 20, 2014

Eye of Newt issues 3 & 4 (and some talk about Banned Books Week)

I don't often like heavily narrated comics. There are only a handful of authors who can lead me that way. First authors that spring to mind being Neil Gaiman, Peter Milligan and Frank Miller (there are dozens more but lets keep a short list shall we?) In comics, we often think of speech and thought bubbles but narration happens almost as often. Eye of Newt is about 80% third person omnipotent narration. There is very little script otherwise. This kind of descriptive narration is so often seen in children's fantasy books which this author has been accustom to illustrating. Keeping that in mind, it is easier to appreciate this type of story telling in a graphic novel.

My only difficulty with this story is the heavy narration, but the artwork makes it all worthwhile. With over forty years of experience in illustration his first graphic novel is a masterpiece. This is a four part mini series from Darkhorse and it's loosely of based on Arthurian legend.

I regret my earlier assertion that this graphic novel was suitable for children but only because today's parents are so over protective. Everything is apparently disgraceful. Here it is, in issue 3 there is a nude scene. It's really not sexual in nature although the word virgin is used. It's really not sexual but I just know some immunization-fearing breeders will absolutely freak out that their child may have laid eyes on a drawing of a nude person. I however find the charm in it because of how non-sexualized the panel is. This part of the story references ancient myths and one that most people will recognize. So don't get your book burning torch just yet because you should actually read the story.

The reason I'm focusing on this so much is due to the upcoming banned books week (Sept 21-27). I love controversy as much as the next very boring person but I despise the banning of books. Graphic novels being no stranger to the pointing fingers and accusations of over protective parents.

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