Saturday, October 12, 2013

Three by Kieron Gillen

A few things, firstly I found the script really dry. I get that Sparta was full of slaves but come on. Do we need to focus on rape here? I get so tired of stories set in ancient times just so the authors can depict rape 100 different ways. I get it. It happened. Stop glorifying ancient "insert random culture here" rape. Where's the damn story.

Secondly, the artwork keeps reminding me of 1980's Dungeons and Dragons comic books. I think it has to do with the color scheme. Obviously the artwork in 3 is superior and more detailed. Yet I find myself flashing back to my childhood comics.

Thirdly, I detest telling vs showing. I don't want big bold letters labeling the characters. I want to learn who the characters are by reading the damn story. Show me the story, don't explain it as if this is some didactic lesson.

And finally, I do not like stories about the 300 Spartans. They just consistently end up being awful. Violent, boring and exploitative. Ring any bells? Yes? Look, I want an actual story to go along with this legend. Why can't someone tell a truly interesting Sparta story that isn't full of rape, female oppression and random male show-boatery? sigh. Yuck.

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