Saturday, May 11, 2013

Y The Last Man : Girl on Girl Volume 6

Written by Brian K. Vaughan
Pia Guerra
Goran Sudzuka
Jose Marzan, Jr

I guess I don't have too much to say other than the fact that I can't wait to read more. I know everyone is thinking "why didn't you read this when it came out?" Well, I saw it sitting on the self and for whatever reason just never picked it up and had a look. I wasn't super well informed about EVERY comic at the time. I just picked things at random and read too much X-men. Anyway that aside I am really enjoying the series and on to the next volume that Megan from work so graciously lent to me. (However my cat Satchi is pretty pissed about it because it's cutting into her lap sitting time.)

I feel like I don't want to spoil the events of this volume and furthermore, I'm not really interested in summarizing any of it. The story takes place on a ship with heroine smugglers, a submarine and finally out to visit Beth in the Outback. Vaughan's use of dream sequence is always funny to me. Beth's dreams haven't really entered into the story much so it's fun to see a dream of hers however, it just so happens to be a dream that Yorick has that he had related to her before she went off on her Australian Anthropology detail. Once again, the world is masculine-centered even in the mind of great female characters. It's sort of the whole premise of the series. All the men die, but men still rule the world and that apparently the world is not a better place without men. Depending on how you chose to view it, that's either fair or really chauvinistic. Me? I choose to think the world would be improved by loads of counselling for everyone and maybe just plain fewer of everyone. Horses and buggies and less technology.

I keep waiting for this series to tell me something. What's the point here? Besides playing with gender stereotypes and stating over and over what a great guy the last man on Earth is, what's the point of this story besides offering witty dialogue? I dunno. I guess I'm not going to know until the end. I'll try and keep you updated.

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