Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Xiu Xiu - An Appreciation Post

I don’t often talk about music because well, I don’t give a shit if people like it or not. I’m use to people knocking everything that I’m into. Quite frankly, I shy away from any music related topic despite the fact that I’m constantly listening to music. It’s always been a huge part of my life and a long time ago, I decided that I don’t care about sharing it with others. It’s a private thing I figure it’s just easier to keep it that way for the most part.

However, I got back into Xiu Xiu recently and wanted to give a little shout out about how much I love appreciate the music created by the artist. With my little friend Grooveshark, I can find all kinds of lovely things. A great cover of Sleep by The Smiths that Xiu Xiu covered .. when?? Who knows and who cares. I’ve always loved the song and I love his cover too. Although I think I love all their albums I was very pleased with the last release in 2012 titled Always. The song Hi is super fun to sing along with and dance around your kitchen flinging various noodles since I pretty much put noodles with everything. Want some ramen? Come visit me. I got it.

Another favorite of mine although not on Always, is Nieces Pieces. Depressing? Yeah but it’s so much fun. I first saw Xiu Xiu play live in 2004. At least I believe it was ’04. I remember I got this awesome pink t-shirt from the show that had a pic of a dude jerking off and his gooey formed the words Xiu Xiu on the wall. I still have the tattered pieces somewhere and I keep intending to turn it into a patch for something. Oh look, I posted a pic of it. There ya go !
It's pretty obvious that Xiu Xiu is greatly influenced by the work of David Bowie, the lead singer Jamie Stewart's voice alone, is mimicking that very mournful sound Bowie get's from time to time although I think he's all together focused on the airy-ness that Bowie possess. Stewart is certainly nowhere near as vocally flexible, yet I love him just the same. I certainly appreciate all the wonderful lyrics! They make me happy although for the majority, they are quite sad. I have always favored that kind of thing.

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