Monday, May 13, 2013

The Walking Dead: Issue 109

Created by Robert Kirkman

Sometimes I am completely annoyed with singles because I want to keep reading and always  have to stop still next month’s issue. It’s the nature of the beast of course. This is issue contains Rick’s master plan against Negan. Will it work? Oh I’m sure it’ll work in some way, but not without the loss of key players I’m certain. Maybe this time Rick will lose a leg. By the time this series is finished Rick will be a quadriplegic and his son will be a bitter teenager who won’t be able to get close to anyone. Sometime I think Rick’s son is going to turn into another Governor. At this rate though, I am losing my love of the villain. I’m kind of tired of Negan and I’m ready for him to be taken down. Lucky for me, Rick is ready too.

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