Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fushigi Yugi Volume 2

Yeah, so I read it. I grabbed it as I was running out the door. It was the smallest and closest book to me and I need to take something to read to work with me. Anyway, uh.. I guess the story is improving?? It's written for teen girls. Shojo. That's not really a bad thing, but I find the main character sooooo annoying... Now that there are plenty of characters in the book, I find her less annoying...yet still, I dunno if I'll read the rest of it. It is pretty decent brainless fun on a lunch break though. At least I'm not depressed like when I tried to read Black Hole on my lunch break...yeah.. not doing that again. Work is depressing enough without books making it worse.
I guess it's cute enough. Miako finally get back to the real world for a little bit but her best friend Yui gets sucked into the world and now Volume 3 will be about locating Yui. meh, I might read it. I've got the rest of Pluto coming to me and some older Tezuka manga. I'm currently reading Eden and Black Hole but I'll be done with those soon. Meh.. maybe I'll read Volume 3?? What do you think? 

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