Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saga #23 - Domestic abuse eh?

And now I have to wait a whole other month. It's the only thing that makes me sad about Saga. I just hate the wait. This was an excellent issue. I had a hard time understanding the violence in the last issue. Domestic violence issues always speak loads to me and Vaughan began writing this plot point, like he often does, in areas that some would describe as gray. However I tend to agree more with our winged heroine in that a no tolerance policy is significantly better than making excuses and dismissing bad behavior. It's sometimes means the difference between getting out or getting into the most devastating position.

 It did bother me that Alana's nanny is quick to point out that it was merely Marco throwing vegetables at her, and that she was the one on drugs. In real life such excuses are made when women are injured by their partners. The tables are turned and women are made to feel as if they deserved whatever violence.Although it turns my belly, Vaughan wrote this so accurately that I have to applaud him even though I fear many people who simply side with the nanny and miss the larger conversation.

I feel that this was the main climax in the overall Saga story. This issue has brought many things to motion and thrown our characters into some real danger. I can't wait to see where it goes. I keep worrying about the purple bat girl and wondering how Alana is going to get off drugs. The best though, I'll keep to myself for now.

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