Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nightworld #2

Every time I see a panel from Nightworld I think luchador and then I have to remind myself we're dealing with demons here. I love the artwork in this book, it's very "pop" but it has a style all it's own despite the plethora of comparisons to Kirby that I've read. It's so easy to look at a pop-art styled comic book (that contains masked crusaders) and say THAT'S KIRBY. Sometimes it just aggravates me. Moving on...

I love Hotspot. He is kind of my favorite character and the source of much comedy in the story. Plus he looks kind of like he's wearing a track suit. He looks like he's about to bust a move. He's also a teenager, so he's misguided and ridiculous. It's pretty fricken great. He's the guy in green leaping over a bullet on the cover!

This is a serious mini-series. As in, it's half over right now! As in, you should probably go grab the first two issues now.  As in, it sucks that this series isn't going to be longer but hopefully we'll see more from Paolo Leandri and Adam McGovern in the future.

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