Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bramble by Jean-David Morvan & Nesmo

This steampunk inspired world is fraught with the usual crime issues but one unlucky detective ends up dealing with a giant problem. Literally, the perp is a giant and a most unusual one. For one, he seems awfully obsessed with plants and most at home in the flower shop of the vast metropolis of this technology fanatical world.

With all the amazing titles being release from Humanoids this month, I was worried this gem would get lost in the mix so I wanted to cover this before talking about Barbarella and the OMG- MILLIONTH (exaggerating much yes) pressing of Moebius & Jodorowsky's The Incal.

Bramble's mystery takes root in you immediately. I was captured by the story from the beautiful opening illustrations. The first chapter of the story is a compelling and chase after a mysterious perp but you will be blown away by what follows. My favorite line "the worst part is that I can't even pray to my god anymore since you're the victim here." But that is the only hint I will give you.

Nesmo's artwork blew me away. The cityscapes are especially creative, technology vs nature, using mechanical giants that lumber through the metropolis with the burden of human inhabitants. It means I have to get my hands on more of Nesmo's work is what it means.

Bramble will be released as a hardcover deluxe edition on September 24th by Humanoids Inc. Make sure you get your copy. I know for a fact that Strange Adventures here in Halifax, always orders Humanoids' new releases. Be sure to contact them to get your copy.

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