Monday, September 29, 2014

Annihilator by Grant Morrison & Frazer Irving

I am really sad that this series is only going to be six issues long. I was really, really happy with this first issue. I've been a Morrison fan for a long while but really haven't read anything recent. I have never really gotten into Animal Man and everyone know how little Marvel and DC I venture into. Thinking back, I'm fairly certain that the last book I read from him was We3 which was outstanding of course. There are certainly no lack of amazing illustrators for Morrison to work with. I think he proves this again with Annihilator and Frazer Irving's work. I haven't ever been a devoted fan of Mr. Irving but was very happy with his work in this book.

Annihilator is about a once great writer who's life has taken a sad turn. He participates in paid orgies, does a lot of drugs, throws money around although he's going broke when really he should be working. He starts to create a new sci fi adventure and that is where things get chaotic. What does man have to say to his creator? I'm not yet certain that's the direction of this story but it's giving me some interesting thoughts.

I was trying to figure out why this Legendary? Compared to other comic book labels, Legendary is only 15 years old having been founded in 2000. Legendary does have a rather interesting history, although short. They have been co-financed by Warner Brothers for films. They have produced 32 in fact and are currently working on another 11 making this whole comic business look like an un-serious side project. It's simply a subsidiary. At any rate, I'm glad they have taste in comics to have printed this gem.

I should probably warn you that this comic is absolutely not for children. Like I mentioned before, drugs, orgies and yes there's some violence in there too. Don't let your kid pick this up even if the cover attracts their attention.

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