Monday, August 17, 2015

Royal Jelly: August 19th 2015

Disciples #3
The Fiction #3
Welcome Back #1
Island #2
Manifest Destiny #16
Empty Zone #3
Poet Anderson Dream Walker #3 (Bengal Cover)
1872 #2
House of M #1

Names TP
Annihilator Volume 1 HC
Dorohedoro Vol 16 GN
Young Terrorists Volume 1

Well I got my shit together this week and did my pull list up early. Woo! Go me! Attempting not to let the summer distract me from my duties has been a bit difficult. Please forgive me, my health hasn't been the best either and so a two week stint of migraine headache had me reading far less than usual. It also caused me miss DCAF (Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival) yet again this year. Sometimes you just can't get up.

That being said above is my list. you'll notice that Bengal has another awesome cover out. This one for Magnetic Press' Poet Anderson. This mini series was created by Tom DeLonge from Blink182 and the vivid and beautiful artwork inside by French animator and illustrator Djet. This is a particularly beautiful cover from Bengal who's been doing all sorts of things for DC and Marvel as of late.

This is an excellent release week for newer label Black Mask. Steve Niles' space adventure Disciples continues with issue 3 and the label releases Young Terrorist TP.

You should give my interview with Christopher Sebela a read because his new series Welcome Back hits she shelves Wednesday as well. This futuristic take on reincarnation is going to keep you guessing!

Marvel has a few things that of peaked my interest recently. I recently got to interview the very talented Nicole Virella who's illustrating 1872 ! I'm absolutely in love with this series and in love with her! Beautiful work, Marvel has got to be planning to have her illustrate everything. Seriously gorgeous book. Please check out the interview linked above.  In addition to that, I'll be grabbing the new incarnation of House of M. I was a huge fan of the original title and the previews I saw of the artwork particularly spoke to me for this come-back title. This mini series is written by Dennis Hopeless and illustrated by Marco Failla. CBR called his artwork "inconsistent" but I'll be the judge of that. I'm looking very forward to giving this a good eye balling. I was very happy with his work on Spiderman and the X-men so I have no reason to think this will  be anything but great. Cover by Kris Anka is particularly awesome.

Finally, let's not forget Brandon Graham and Emma Rios' comic book magazine Island! Issue two is out. I had TONS to say on the first issue and wanted to produce a video. Sadly for me, health was an issue at the time and I hate to go back and talk about something after the buzz is decidedly dead. Missed my moment on that one. Perhaps a video on issue 2. For anyone who's interested you can watch my Youtube Channel HERE. It's not so compelling as I'm still learning this particular media and getting the hang of video editing in this way.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!

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