Friday, May 22, 2015

Wytches #6 *SPOILERS*

The first story arc has come to a close. We're told there is more to come. It wasn't all made perfectly clear in the end. You get the feeling that Sail's parents are dead and her father's boldness and bravery allowed Sail to escape. Yet in the end we have Sail's family, standing around a book shop as her father talks about his new book. I got really confused at first as to whether we were watching a flashback or some alternate future. It didn't feel like a seamless split between the two scenes and as most flashbacks do, bounced back and forth from the present.

In all honesty, I was going to dump this series two issues ago. I decided to stick it out for the first story arc. It had a solid start, then a bit of lulling around... then finally came back around to being interesting by the end. So I suppose that means I will be reading the next story arc because I need a little clarification on the whole Pledge systems and just how the story will continue. Honestly, I'm not sure what Sail is going to do. What the people of the town are going to do.

I believe that the father-daughter relationship left me feeling detached from the characters and ultimately, not really giving a shit about them. It may or may not be relevant but I have no relationship with my father and we are not on speaking terms. So this type of relationship in a book rarely speaks to me or hold my interest. What does hold my interest however, are creepy monsters, the supernatural and of course, crazy extra appendages like eye ball growing out of the side of your neck. That's some Junji Ito shit right there. Anything remotely like body gore and you can count me down it. I'm really hoping that Wytches returns to this. I really did like the first two issues. Hell, I liked the whole beginning with Sail Pledging the bully. Thought it was fantastic.  I sort of wish more of that sort continued.

At any rate, I'm interested to see what route Snyder will take the story down. If he wasn't so damn busy writing, I'd badger him for an interview.

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