Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Royal Jelly: May 6th 2015

Another Free Comic Book Day has come and gone but that doesn't mean we can't look forward to New Comic Book Day. Most of my readers know that everyday Wednesday is when the new comics come out. Here's my pull list for this week!!

We Can Never Go Home 2
Arcadia 1
Feathers 5
Baltimore: The Cult of the Red King 1
Neverboy 3
Names 9
Descender 3
Return of the Living Deadpool 4
Spider Gwen 4
Jupiters Circle 2
No Mercy 2
Rocket Girl 6
Old Wounds 2

Heavy Metal Magazine 274

Usagi Yojumbo: Senso

It's shaping up to be a good week. I'm especially excited about Neverboy, Feathers and Descender. Sadly two series are ending this week with the conclusion of Return of the Living Deadpool where Nicole Virella and Cullen Bunn created a Deadpool story to be remembered. I especially am a fan of Nicole' work in this mini. Secondly, Names written by the prolific Peter Mulligan is coming to an end. Extreme sadness with the ninth issue. 

Boom Studios introduces two new creators, artist Eric Scott Pfeiffer and writer Alex Paknadel join forces to bring us the new series Arcadia, a new science fiction thriller! Here's the synopsis from Boom because I was too lazy to write it up: "When 99% of humankind is wiped out by a pandemic, four billion people are "saved" by being digitized at the brink of death and uploaded into Arcadia, a utopian simulation in the cloud. But when Arcadia begins to rapidly deplete the energy resources upon which the handful of survivors in the real world (aka "The Meat") depends, how long will The Meat be able-and willing-to help? Featuring the first of five connecting covers by Matt Taylor."

Well that's my throw-down for this week. Stay tuned for some interviews and reviews! They'll be flying at you.. well not literally... they don't make 3D webpages yet.. one day!!!!

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