Thursday, November 28, 2013

Saga Issue #16

I'll say it again - I love Saga. Lucky for me, most people agree. It's not very often people agree with me, or so my facebook recently tells me (I'm waiting for the result of that pole). When it comes to Brian K. Vaughan, seven time Eisner Award winner, most people agree that his stories are as amazing as his politics timely. Although I'm not forgiving him for working on television series Lost anytime soon- six seasons and not a single fucking dinosaur! SHAME! Anyway...

Issue #16 starts off with our gargoyle-esq reporters (see image) attempting an impromptu interview with a member our winged heroine's race. He attempts to rectify the situation by claiming that Alana is simply a spy who is merely acting as a turncoat soldier and moonie lover (I'm not buying it).  Meanwhile on Quietus, our cyclops author and horned mother figure attempt to trick the happy couple into accepting a livelihood in acting. There's is a great scene that looks a lot like Maury Povich. On a side note, not many people know that I was a HUGE fan of Maury growing up including watching it every lunch hour (we use to live across from the elementary school so we came home for lunch and shitty day time talk shows).

Finally, The Will is saved from slave girl who is infected by this mind-suggestive organism that tries to convince non-terrestrials to stay on the planet. That's the quick run-down. I don't want to give too much away. As always, this issue is full of vibrant colors and action packed panels. It makes me feel bad that there isn't an issue more than once a month.

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