Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tsukuyomi : moon phase Volume 1

This is a light-hearted, silly little manga. After all the Osamu Tezuka stories I've been reading (and currently reading MW) it's a pleasant change of pace. I felt I needed something well, brain-dead. Maybe that's why I'm still reading Fushigi Yugi.
Kouhei Morioka is a freelance photographer who shoots the paranormal. In Germany, he spots a curious girl sitting on the steeple of an ancient castle. Futher investigation finds Kouhei with two holes in his neck and a little girl who claims him as her eternal slave. This doesn't happen however, Hazuki the little vampire, is confused as to why Kouhei does not become her slave. The two end up together as Hazuki flees her captive life in the castle, chased by her royal family's familiars and vampire slaves.
So that's not very original is it? Well, I don't care. I wanted brain-dead and I got it. The story is told in humour. The target demographic being Seinen (18-30 year old men). But after reading the first volume, it seems to suit teenage girls however, I'm sure that I feel that way due to a lack of nudity in the first volume. I ordered he next 3 volumes from the Library and I'm certain it will contain nudity.
Sadly, there is only 6 volumes released in English by Tokyo Pop. I was really hoping against hope that I would get to read ALL of a series of manga. Well, I'm sure I can find it all online.

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