Sunday, February 24, 2013

Berserk Volume 1

by Kentaro Miura
I like violent comics. Why?? I don't know! I've wanted to read Berserk for years and never have. So I just got the first 3 volumes yesterday and sat down to read the first one. This manga is 18+ of course which it should be since it's bloody violent and full of random sex acts and rape. Still, I like the comic relief provided by the elf Puck. It's actually really cute.

So far, I don't know much about Guts (the main character) other than he is looking for some group called The God Hand who have branded him with a mysterious bleeding symbol that marks him as some sort of sacrifice.

I'm still reading. :)

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  1. Hey F.Queen,

    I've read up to volume 10 in the past few days. I'm not going to rant or rave, but i've already pissed off a few people by talking about the rapes. Heads up on volume 4 and 7. I'm going to finish reading this series of 34 volumes just to help put together why the author writes as he does.

    I know that reading is a break from the computer, but if you're having trouble finding a volume i found this site works.

    Great post.