Thursday, February 14, 2013


It's been a crazy couple of weeks. Dealing with trouble in my apartment and back-stabbing ass-holes, one tends to let things like blogs fall off the grid. Balancing university, work and the gym takes some extra daily planning. Speaking of work, I have a new job. I was just hired by a software company as a technical writer. Finally work in the field I want to be in. WRITING. Sure I'll just be writing manuals and guides on security software, but it's going to look great on my resume and I know I'll learn a lot. Anything to make me a better writer and clearer communicator is good in my book.

So with all that, I've still managed to get a bit of reading done on my lunch breaks and during a few bus rides. Currently reading a few series, but mostly just trying to finish MW by Osamu Tezuka. I've been so busy that I had to renew it at the Library twice. But that doesn't mean I'm not thoroughly enjoying it. I am! I'm about 2/3's the way through. I have to say, Yuki is an interesting character. Well, not half as interesting as Father Garai.

The reader follows the moves of two men who are bound to each other by horrible secrets. Their pasts intertwined by a government conspiracy. 16 years prior to the present year of the story, a horrible chemical known as MW was released on a small island off the coast of Japan. It killed the entire population, all but two young boys hiding in a cave. The two survivors left the island of bodies never carrying a secret, however, one boy was touched by the gas and apparently touched by evil. This is Yuki, a sadistic serial killer with no goal except chaos & destruction. The other boy became Father Garai, a priest with a criminal past and a secret love of men. He is tortured for the crimes he had committed in the past and the ones he continues to ignore in the present. These are the crimes of Yuki, which are confessed regularly to the Priest. Yuki takes great delight in this torture while seducing the priest on a regular basis. It never seems to take Father Garai long to succumb to the seduction of Yuki's flesh although he seems quite restraint in other cases. There are a lot of details I could get into but let's not spoil everything.

The book makes reference over and over again, to the fact that Yuki was once a sweet boy who was possessed by the devil due to the MW entering his system. It is mentioned that one boy remained changed forever, however, it appears to me that both of the sole survivors of the island were changed. Garai was a teen-aged hooligan running with a gang who kidnapped wealthy children for ransom (that is how Yuki came to know Garai) but after they leave the island, Garai goes into a state a remorse and repents all he has done. Wouldn't you say that MW changes people not necessarily for the worst (evil) but reverses their unique nature?

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