Monday, November 24, 2014

Royal Jelly : Top Picks for November 26th

Nightbreed #7
Pop #4
Colder: Bad Seed #2
Bodies #5
Dark Engine #4
Prophet Strikefile #2
Rasputin #2
The Logan Legacy #5
Madman In Your Face 3D Special
Arkham Manor #2

Hellboy Weird Tales, Punk Rock Jesus Delux Hardcover, Little Nemo Dream Another Dream

The first story arc of Dark Engine concludes this week with issue #4. Take a look at that cover art!? That's hardcore!

Locust Moon Comics finally releases kickstarter funded project Little Nemo Dream Another Dream.
A colossal effort by many of my favorite modern artists including Paul Pope, Farel Dalrymple, Mike Allred, Toby Cypress, James Harvey, J.H. Williams III, and my god too many to list. You can find a complete list of contributing artists on the Locust Moon website. Little Nemo comes out as giant news paper size hardcover. It carries a hefting price tag but it's worth it. You will most likely end up ordering this online.

Another awesome mini series concludes this week with the release of POP! #4. Let's see if our laboratory grown celebrity comes out of this plot alive!

It's worth mentioning the Prophet Strikefile #2 is out and that if you haven't grabbed number one then you're going to want to do that immediately. For Prophet fans like myself, this two part mini series gives us a full step back look at the Earth Empire and the universe of the Prophet series.

Obviously, it's another great release week for comics! I always look forward to Wednesday.

Added one single on the end there!! There is a new Madman comic! It's the Madman In Your Face 3D Special and it features Nightworld's awesome pop-arterrific artist Paolo Leandri in the gallery! The issue includes an all-new story by Mike Allred. We are told the gallerywill be featuring the work of MARCOS MARTIN, JAE LEE, EDUARDO RISSO, EMMA RIOS, NICK DRAGOTTA, ANDREW ROBINSON, SEAN MURPHY, MARIS WICKS, AARON CONLEY, JENNY FRISON, DECLAN SHALVEY, BECKY CLOONAN, JOE QUINONES, MING DOYLE, NICK BRADSHAW, and more!

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