Friday, March 27, 2015

Space Riders #1

I have been anticipating this one for a LONG time. Bloody Disgusting recently called it "Fucking Sublime" but all I can really say is "Alexis Ziritt nailed it". You will be blown away to this neon colored homage to the greats of comic legend. While Bloody Disgustin's article compared Ziritt's style of illustration to Kirby, I kept seeing elements of Ditko. For whatever reason I'm more reminded of Strange Tales. Anyway....   It's all wrapped up in a story which rides the rails of action. It's pretty fucking fun. Space Riders is being released by Black Mask Comics who has been really busy lining up an amazing year of releases. I can't express just how satisfied I am with Black Mask right now.

So Captain Peligro is a Spanish, one-eyed captain who sadly, got stranded on a planet. His old employer the E.I.S.F. decides to dig him up for a mission to prove himself once more. One of the conditions is that he doesn't go trying to enlist the help of his x-first mate. The whole thing is too much fun. Fabian Rangel Jr and Ziritt make an excellent team and I hope they plan on working together again in the future. I know I've got my eye on Alexis Ziritt, that's for certain.

You can expect to get your copy of this April 1st!

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