Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Royal Jelly: Top Release Picks for November 5th

Here's my list:

Nightworld #4
Punks the Comic #2
Spread #4
Humans #1
Empty Man #5
Tooth & Claw #1
Gotham Academy #2 
Names #3
Death of Wolverine: The Weapon X Project #1
Death of Wolverine: Life After Logan #1
Deadpool's Art of War #2

Attack on Titan Vol 14

This is a fairly budget friendly week for me. There are some new #1's for me to check out. Many of Humans as well as Tooth and Claw both debut this week with fascinating artwork that should replace your ending mini series. A few things I'm looking forward to are coming at us from Image Comics. Humans #1 has artwork coming from Tom Neely and the preview blew my mind! Considering my personal love of planet of the apes, apes as a motorcycle gang I need to see!

We also have the debut of Tooth and Claw. Best selling writer Kurt Busiek from Astro City brings us a new fantasy series with wizards and intelligent beasts. Benjamin Dewey who you might remember from my reviews of I Was The Cat released from Oni Press earlier this year, shows us just how flexible he is as an artist. This work is beautiful and colored by Pretty Deadly colorist  Jordie Bellaire. You should definitely put this on your pull list.

It's important to note that the final issue of Nightworld is released this week! If you have been following this series then ensure you get the exciting conclusion! I want to congratulate this guys on an awesome mini series! I hope to see more from these guys soon!

Gabriel Hardman's Kinski debut's in trade paper for the first time from Image Comics! Check out my interview with Gabriel about the book HERE.

It's worth saying that we've have two new series following up the Death of Wolverine. Charles Soule  give us The Weapon X Project with artist Salvador Larroca. Writer Jeff Loveness and artist Javier Pulido give us Life After Logan #1. I sort of signed up for this wolverine mess when I bothered to get the initial 4 issue mini series detailing Logan's death. I decided not to bother with Deadpool & Captain America. I think I might grab these titles however. I do enjoy Soule's stories.

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