Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Saga # 18

Lying Cat on the cover!! AWESOME!

I know I am so late getting me hands on this but I finally grabbed it yesterday and gave it a good read. As often said by most Saga fans, it really sucks reading it monthly issue by monthly issue. You really want it all! All now! Brian K. Vaughn is the kind of cliff hangers. Y the Last Man drove me absolutely mad with wonder at the end of a chapter.

I do not feel like giving a summary of what happened because I do not feel like spoiling it! There are a few surprises in this issue. However, I will let you know that after this article we will be thrust into the future to witness a walking Hazel. I was beginning to wonder when we were going to see more growth in our narrator. Finally eighteen issues in, we're getting somewhere.

Something else I noticed, there weren't any particularly vast and memorable panels in this issue. Panels that grab you for their artistry. Sometimes I feel like Fiona Staples is a bit rushed. It could be simply because I've seen much of her previous work which is more detailed. At any rate, it must be terribly difficult to stay on schedule art-wise with a monthly release and it really is STILL very much fabulous. What did you think? I would love some feed-back. Feel free to argue with me. ;)

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