Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sweet Tooth : Unnatural Habits Volume 5

by Jeff Lemire

Well I waited 4 months to get this at the Library and god knows how long it'll be before I get to read the final volume which isn't out yet. I am hunting down the final single issues so I can finish it. I've found 4 of them but am missing I believe, 4 more. Perhaps I'll be lucky enough to find them.

This volume hasn't revealed the total secret behind Gus's birth. It did however chronicle an interesting expedition from 1911 that helped to explain some of where the hybrids came from. It mostly blames the superstitions of Inuit religion for their birth claiming that the hybrids are gods reborn. They intend to cleanse the Earth of humanity who have long destroyed nature. Fine. We knew we were headed down this road when we started reading a post-apocalyptic story about a mysterious plague. Apocalyptic stories have been all the rage of the last 15 years it seems. Mostly, I find them a dime a dozen. I would say that Jeff Lemire has taken the most un-believable road to build his story. Yet, I find myself incapable of NOT reading it.

As usual, the female characters serve merely as a plot device for male characters to display their strength. I only hope that the little girl hybrid may be heroic in the end ... in some way. It's easy to overlook her heroism as it is so often over-shadowed by that of Gus and Jeppards' role. However, she is already quite heroic for being such a brave little girl. Does bravery in the face of danger make someone heroic? Even if they are unable to help themselves? I guess people would argue it does not make you heroic but I are argue that it does.

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