Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mushishi Volume 2

It's not the most compelling manga I've ever read but it has great ideas. The whole concept of the Mushi intrigues me yet, the story lacked character development and meaning. You never get to know Ginko, or any of the other characters beyond the superficial. It's the type of thing I don't care for in comics/manga/novels/stories. I need to get into a characters head. All I can tell about Ginko, is that he is relatively indifferent to the suffering of others. He means to help others but he doesn't seemed burdened by it or emotionally affected.

The story suffers from "monster of the week" syndrome which I don't always despise.  There are tons of Manga/comics where this approach makes me happy and satisfied as long as the over-all story has a bigger, more meaningful plot in the background. However, there is apparently no more volumes published in English for this series. Sadness.

The art is quite typical of serious manga and not un-lovely. However it's not particularly stimulating or original in any way. I recommend reading it for it's ideas but that's about all.

I did really like the last story arc of Mushi that actually imitate humanity. It reminds me of "the body snatchers" and a bit of the old Changeling folk tales from Ireland.

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