Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Buffy Chosen Ones #1

CHOSEN ONES #1 is the stories never told about the first great slayers of history. Boom Studios is really trying to reinvent the Slayer universe. They've made this an extended issue and given it the price to match, $7.99 USD. I was hoping such price tags might be a thing of the past but I guess Boom has the same idea Marvel has...ANYWAY... Ever wonder how the Hellmouth ever started in Sunnydale? Was it just a natural doorway or did someone create it? Well Hellmouths are the topic of the first story.

The first story titled The Mission takes us a ways back in history when the Spaniards crossed the seas and enslaved the native peoples of the Americas. It's in this story that we meet a Slayer who's been killing Spaniards which also just happen to mostly be vampires. Some Spaniards have crossed the sea and they're from The Watchers Council of course. Perez is the watcher sent to wait for the next chosen one. The two aren't getting along... and for good reason.

By Ornella Sacarese from The Mission
It stands to reason in a world filled with vampires that the Spaniards would bring more than small pox with them when they invaded the shores of the Americas. Artwork wise there are some interesting action panels. I was particularly fond of this jump shot. Definitely check out the work of Ornella Sacarese.

The artwork between the two series couldn't be more different. Coloring on top of that included. The second story takes place in 14th century Bologna illustrated by Celia Lowenthal. Her character design has a real Tilly Walden feel to them. The story is entitled THE EATING OF MEN. I do really like that title and I do happen to be a fan of the artwork.
By Celia Lowenthal from The Eating of Men

I'm not really sold on how the vampires behave in these stories. They have way too much humanity for the vampires of the Buffy universe. They still care about certain things and people and that just doesn't hold up. You can make that silly argument that Spike fell in love with Buffy but that's not really it. Spike was soulless and therefore just in lust after Buffy which is  why he also tried to rape her in season 6. It's season 7 when he gets his soul back that he's actually REALLY in love with Buffy. Just thought I should clarify that. But there's some points in these stories where the vampires, like I said, display some signs of unexplained humanity.

By Alexa Sharpe from Behind the Mask
The Third story BEHIND THE MASK, takes place in Paris in 1820 and beautifully illustrated. Definitely check out the work of Alexa Sharpe. Some really gorgeous work. The final story lacks mostly in story. It's a beautiful, if not quick look at a slayer in 18th Century Paris.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER:CHOSEN ONES #1 is available in stores now. It actually came out LAST WEEK and it took me a little time to get to. Hey, when you have THIS MANY comics to read, sometimes you just don't get to everything right away. I thought I would just go on with the coverage of the new Buffy series though so you all know what you're getting into.

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