Monday, January 18, 2016

Blood Feud #3

The busy hands of Cullen Bunn (Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Hellbreak, The Sixth Gun) have produced another creepy story. Blood Feud is put out by Oni Press and already in it's third issue. I have been a fan of Cullen for sometime and I always check out his new work. I didn't even realize at first that this was a vampire story. It harbors the creepiness of Harrow County while taking place in a modern setting with perhaps not the most modern people. Small town Spider Creek is home to a horrible blood feud that has been ongoing for as long as anyone in the town can remember. Two families at war, the Stubbs and the Whatelys. It's the later who harbor some dark secrets which are rumored to be more than a flirtation with dark powers.

As far as I can tell, this comic started out a novella made available for download by Bunn on his website. For the comic book, Bunn has joined forced with artist Drew Moss and color artist Nick Filardi.

I feel as though the first issue was probably the best so far in the series. I felt it had a very strong opening. Cullen Bunn has mastered the great introduction. He sets the story up and leaves just enough bread crumbs to keep you following. Originally, I didn't know that it was going to become a vampire story. I've steered pretty clear of them lately after True Blood but with only five issues in this mini series, I can't imagine things getting so out of hand. The story appears to be a fairly standard vampire yarn. Think From Dusk till Dawn vampires and not Twilight lol. These aren't pretty and sparkly. They're Salma Hayek after she's all vampirized.. except with bigger....teeth ;)

I'm not completely in love with the artwork but I certainly don't hate it. There are a couple wonky panels scattered throughout the first three issues. One particularly rushed looking panel where the alignment of a characters body looks a little dangerous.. if someone was to look that off-centered from ones hips.. they might need surgery. The artist takes a more minimalistic approach to each panel which is something I've always admired in artists. Although you can certainly see me gush on a busy panel here and there, the majority of artists I enjoy are like myself and go for subtlety.

We've only got two issues left and I can't say what exactly is going to go down now that the vampires clan is uncovered and been made extremely upset...guess you'll just have to check it out. Get your copy  of issues #3 this Wednesday!

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