Thursday, October 29, 2020


Here is a list of rules and explanations about the rules.  So before you do anything on the server, READ THESE and remember, breaking the rules = instant ban.


1. NO GRIEFING - This includes but not limited to: hurting someone else’s base even if it’s unclaimed, placing blocks in town or in any built area, attacking people without formally challenging them to a duel (and having them accept the challenge),  and of course stealing!  Our server has core-protect so remember we’re watching you.

2. BE KIND TO EVERYONE. This also means no stealing even if it is currently unclaimed! Stealing from stores is also grounds for removal from server.

3. Respect and listen to the Mods. 

4. Do not build your base or store too close to anyone’s build. Shops and bases that are placed too close to existing buildings will be removed by mods. Build at least 500 blocks away from The Frog Queen's base!  Ideally you want to also place your base at least 500 blocks from the shopping district. The Supply Shed is meant for newbies on the server and taking multiple times from it will result in banning. This is survival, learn how to survive.

5. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT bother The Frog Queen repeatedly while she’s building something on stream. This is considered toxic behaviour and grounds for removal. This includes things like constantly trying to be on screen, placing blocks in and around a stream build, and basically anything that distracts from the streams mission.

6. You may grab some starter gear from the supply shop at spawn but after that you're on your own! However, make some friends on the server!  They're sure to help you out!

The Frog Queen reserves the right to revoke your access to the server without warning should you disregard the rules and safety of your fellow miners and crafters.

7. There is zero tolerance for using any cheating software or systems to get around the anti-cheat installed on the server. Using xray cheats to hoard resources and other cheats will result in immediate banning.

8. Absolutely no iron or gold farms as that is something that is provided in the Iron Bank. Passive mob farms are fine, such as automatic chicken farms. However, you may not build any afk farms as the server has AFK protection installed and will boot you for AFKing. If you find a spawner, you can turn it into an XP farm as long as you do not turn it into an AFK farm. 

9. Absolutely no streaming on this server unless you were given specific permission by the frog queen. Streaming without permission results in a perma-ban. 

Fequently Asked Questions

What's the location of Spawn?

Coords -443,-162

Can I build a shop in the shopping district? 

YUP! Shopping District is built up all around the gazebo at Spawn. See coords above. 

How can I protect my base?

The server runs with a claim system where you can claim blocks using a golden shovel and stick. To learn more about how this works read the in-game book at spawn OR watch the first 15 minutes of the following video to learn how:

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