Sunday, January 19, 2014

Uzumaki: Vol 3 by Junji Ito

It's not secret that Junji Ito remains my favorite Manga writer and artist. I love body gore and Ito is the master! I'm always trying to get people to read Ito's work. Last Christmas got my sister into the Uzumaki series. It took me forever to get my own copy of vol 3. Every time I tried to order it, it failed to come in. I even tried several local bookstores. Finally Indigo listed it as back in stock and I ordered the book immediately.

Uzumaki means Spiral and this whole story centers around a town plagued and gone mad by the appearance of spirals. It eventually enters everyone and they begin doing things like turning into giant snails, or contorting their bodies into grotesque spiral shapes. Uzumaki like all Ito stories is horrifying and as is typically common, hinges on mass hysteria leaving on character solely sane and hell-bent on escaping the madness.

I'm taking some time off school to reflect, wind-down and focus on my work. I work full-time so school tends to be an added stress on top of an already full week. Ito is exactly the type of thing I like to curl up and read. Loose myself in the obscene.

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