Sunday, January 12, 2014

Neil Young's Greendale

I love Neil Young and I know the Greendale album. I never really bothered to read this until I found it on discount. For whatever reason it was always a kind of pass-over for me. After reading it, I don't want to be mean because it's a lovely story with lovely art but... it's kind of hippie dippy air-head shit. It's heavily involved in protest and not seeing things in black and white. That's all well and good but man, do we have to swim with the fucking dolphins? I wish I could commune with the Earth too but I don't really enjoy these modern day stories with a hippie-fearie supernatural twist. Girl has woman powers to communicate with plants and blah blah. Now I'm just being mean.

In the end everything gets wrapped up in a neat little box (almost). The main character does some crazy hallucinogenic drugs and goes on a spirit quest. She defeats the curse of her birth... fine. I was just a little bored. The only thing I really cared about in the end was what happened to Earth. That dude our heroine Sun made it with in the old volkswagon?? Yeah he totally turned into a deer or sumpthing.. went galloping off into the woods and ran into Sun's anthropomorphic plant aunt. Yeah man, what happened to Earth!!??!

At any rate, the artwork is very pretty and somewhat reminds me of these old hippie posters for rock bands back in the 60s, like the Greatful Dead. Bob Masse!

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