Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Snow Blind #2

I feel like its been forever since I read issue one. That's largely due to the holidays being so busy but in reality, issue one came out in December so the comic is not late! (You can find my review of issue #1 HERE. )

The story thus far follows a teenager who suspects his parents have been lying to him his entire life. In issue one, we learn that the entire family was put into witness protection...but why? Well our hero Teddy isn't going to continue on through life believing everything he's told. He embarks on a mission around the neighborhood trying to find out who broke into their house, and just what is really going on. He simply can't believe anything his parents tell him. After all, he's been lied to his entire life.

As far as a story goes, you kinda get the feeling at first that the plot is rather run of the mill but Masters has some delightful surprises in store which make this no ordinary mystery. Teddy himself is a very realistic character in that he makes mistakes just like any teenager would. He doesn't always consider his actions and as his emotions heighten, his impulse control drops and he simple reacts. Reminds me of what I felt like when I was younger.. crazy.

The art of course is on point. I'm a big fan of Jenkins' work so I just eat up whatever he throws out to us fans. I really like the soft watercolor in this book where as recent mini series Neverboy was not colored by Jenkins. At any rate, very excited to see the next chapter! Keep your eyes tuned to the Boom Releases next month to get issue 3!  You can read Snow Blind TODAY. As soon as your local shop opens for business.

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