Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Upcoming Comic: The Discipline

Image Comics just released a press release about an intriguing new comic book. I got sucked in even before I read that one of my all-time favorite writers is the man responsible. Peter Milligan has teamed up with Leandro Fernandez (Queen & Country) to bring us a new series about sex, death, and metamorphosis. I am excited!! I love Milligan. He's quoted as saying, 

“This might be the edgiest story I've written,” said Milligan. “In most ‘erotic thrillers’ sex is the end-game, the objective. In The Discipline the erotic charge is simply a step towards something stranger, darker… beyond human.”

The story centers around Melissa who becomes tangled in a seduction that isn't all it seems. That's pretty much all the information that has been released but I think the cover is what really says it all!

This series won't be hitting stores until March 2nd but you can pre-order using this diamond code: JAN160523

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