Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Royal Jelly: September 2nd 2015

8House #3 Kiem Part One
The Dying and the Dead #3
House of M #2
Jupiters Circle #6
Lazarus #19
Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham #1
Plutonia #1
Silver Surfer #14
We Stand on Guard #3

Lady Killer TP
Neil Gaimans Teknophage TP Vol 1
Sweet Tooth Deluxe Edition HC Book 1

I think I've got everything listed up there! It's a pretty big week for me personally. There are few titles there that I've been anticipating for over a month now. I'm pretty interested in Neil Gaiman's Miracleman and Jeff Lemire's collaborative efforts with the new title Plutonia has peeked my interest as well.

I'm psyched to see the latest Silver Surfer. I've been so worried about the Marvel universe upheaval affecting my Surfer. So far it remains pretty awesome as always and I hope it survives. As far as I know, the series will continue but all this Last Days stuff... lol... well...whatever.

And honestly, I would write way more right now but I'm having this issue with my eye and it's super difficult to write with limited vision so... Peace!

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