Monday, April 13, 2015

Archie Vs Predator #1

I wasn't the biggest Archie fan as a kid. I did read some of the Digest, of course they were my parent's digests and other abandoned magazines and comics from the baby boomers collected from yard sales, etc. I never really got why people were so crazy about Archie, especially Betty and Veronica (I never really got why people were always comparing me to Veronica either but that's another story). What was so great about Archie? The stories never really appealed to me but I appreciated what others saw in the stories. When this title was announced, I got pretty excited because well, I can get behind anything horror. That is something those wholesome kids pretty much belong in (stay tuned for my review of Sabrina #2).

The whole story starts our pretty tongue in cheek as one would find fitting. It doesn't take long for Veronica to get involved in a contest in which zainity ensues. It's already been released that the kids end up leaving Riverdale for a vacation so I don't feel I'm spoiling anything by saying so. The rest I will leave for you to find out.

As far as first issues go, I was pretty entertained and I am soo anxious to see what happens to the kids when they come face to face with a predator. I'm hoping Veronica pulls some punches or goes all hero and saves the crew but I'm sure Archie will end up in the spotlight, even as sole survivor. Ooo.. a little grim eh?

The whole series totals four issues written by Grindhouse celeb Alex de Campi! Darkhorse is delivering this goodie to a store near you this Wednesday (that's April 15th!).

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