Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Royal Jelly: March 4th 2015

Cluster #2
Feathers #3
Lady Killer #3
Hellboy & The BPRD #4
Neverboy #1
Names #7
Dark Engine #7
Descender #1
Nameless #2
Saga #26
All New Hawkeye #1
Return of the Living Deadpool
Princess Leia #1

Alex + Ada Vol 2

It's looking like a pretty kick-ass start to the month! From Image we have the continuation of Dark Engine, a whole new story arc starting up. For those who are interested in the series but haven't started it yet, the first story arc is now available in trade paper back from Image Comics. Dark Engine is one of my favorite series. A complex time travelling adventure illustrated by one of my favorite artists John Bivens.

From Image Comics we also have the continuation of Saga with issue #26 and a brand new title I have been lusting over since it was announced, Descender with writer Jeff Lemire and artist Dustin Nguyen. This science fiction tale is about an android boy. The artwork is blowing me away. I want all the variant covers.... ALL THE COVERS.

Also from Image Comics is Volume 2 of Alex + Ada, a sort of "boy meets robot" love story that dives deeper into what it means to be sentient.

From Archia/Boom we have the third installment of Feathers! That adorable fairy-tale-like mini series about a boy covered in feathers. It's full of mystery and adventure for all ages and currently sitting as one of my favorite mini series of 2015.

From Marvel comics we've got a HUGE list of thing but I've narrowed it down to just the few that I'm interested in. Princess Leia #1 caught my interest along with the All-New Hawkeye which is written by Jeff Lemire. Finally we've got the awesome mini series Return of the Living Deadpool written by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by Nicole Virella. If you missed it, please check my interview with Nicole and her amazing and unique artwork right HERE.

From Magnetic Press we've got Vox, a rock & roll inspired look book by Italian illustrator and designer Matteo De Longis. This deluxe hardcover is cleverly made to look like a record! Fits in nicely beside them too! That's where mine is sitting. I will be posting an article on the book later today!

Finally I just wanted to mention that Lady Killer #3 is also released tomorrow. I got to chat with artist Joelle Jones on her process and the creation of this wicked Darkhorse series. You can read out chat right HERE.

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