Monday, March 30, 2015

Royal Jelly: April 1st 2015

UFOlogy variant by Alison Sampson
Space Riders 1 (of 4)
Cluster #3
Feathers #4
UFOlogy 1 (Alison Sampson variant)
Hellboy And The B.P.R.D. 1952 #5 (Of 5)
Neverboy #2 (Of 6)
Lady Killer #4 (Of 5)
Arkham Manor Endgame #1 (One Shot)
Convergence #0 (Of 8)
Names #8 (Of 9)
Dying And The Dead #2
Poet Anderson The Dream Walker #1 (Of 3)
Return Of The Living Deadpool #3 (Of 4)
Spider-Gwen #3
Convergence #0
Dark Ages

Attack On Titan Before The Fall Volume 4
Attack On Titan Volume 15

Michael Moorcock Library Volume 1 Elric Of Melnibone HC

Hey it's that time again, time to publish my pull list for this week's new comic book day. As usual in the world of comics, we have a lot coming out but I do my best to let you know everything that I am grabbing. I also like to include a lot of new titles which I think will be of particular interest and keep you all up to date on past series which are making it to trade or hard cover release!

As they have threatened it for a number of months now, DC is finally starting the whole Convergence thing. It starts with issue zero this week. They claim that this is the biggest story in history of the DCU. You just might want to take a look at this. I know I will. Also from DC is Arkham Manor Endgame one-shot with cover by Rafael Albuquerque who you probably remember from the media stir recently over the Batgirl #41. However, you should really remember him from all the amazing art he's done over the years, personal favorite being American Vampire.

From my new favorite label Black Mask comes neon space odyssey Space Riders. You can read my full review right HERE.

From Darkhorse we have the continuation of Neverboy. Please check out my interview with creators HERE if you haven't already.  Then we've got more Lady Killer, and the conclusion of Hellboy and the BPRD 1952.

Image is bringing us a new title with UFOlogy #1 with this amazing variant cover by Alison Sampson. This cover might be super hard to get with a 100 copy order requirement. yeeesh! I'll just cross my fingers.

From Marvel we've got the continuation of Spider-Gwen and Return of the Living Deadpool. Both have some of the best art I've seen from Marvel in a long time. Very pleased with both of these.

For the Manga fans and Attack on Titan fanatics, there are two volumes finally being released. Is it just me, or do you feel like you have an extra long wait for these?

Titan releases Michael Moorcock Library Volume 1  beginning with Elric Of Melnibone. This collects the first adaptation of the Moorcock classic.

Finally, I just want to remind everyone that my favorite series of 2014 is being released in trade this week! Pop was such an awesome mini series, if you had not picked it up in singles, you are going to want to put this on your pull list now.

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