Monday, March 9, 2015

Exclusive Interview with Ramón Pérez on All-New Hawkeye

You may have heard that Hawkeye has a new creative team. You also may have remembered my review of issue #1 from last week. I wanted to get some inside information on the new series for my readers so I contacted Ramón Pérez and he graciously agreed to answer a few questions about the new series. Check it out!

TFQ: Can you tell me about how you got the gig for the All-New Hawkeye?

Ramón: I was contacted by Sana Amanat, the series editor, with whom I had worked before on John Carter: The Gods Of Mars. We had been looking to collaborate again, and when Jeff Lemire had suggested me as an artist for the series, she was happy to extend the invitation to work on the series!

TFQ: In the first issue, you use two very different styles of artwork for the present and then for the flashbacks. How was this decision made and will it continue through the series?

Ramón: The two distinct styles were my choice as I wanted to separate the past from the present in a visual manner. I like the challenge of pushing myself stylistically as well, so it was a natural choice on my part. The present day storyline I wanted to keep in tune with the Fraction/Aja run, to give readers a sense of familiarity. With the past on the other hand I wanted to evoke that sense of memories, that hazy unclear way we often recall the past, the watercolour washes and loose lifework was a perfect way to achieve this. A balance of both styles will carry on through this storyline.

TFQ: How do you decide how to depict a well loved character like Hawkeye as a child?

I thought of his childhood based on what I knew, and Jeff’s script, and certain things came to mind; where he grew up, foster homes, foster parents, the violence, poverty, how this would also affect his clothing and grooming: simple, low maintenance. With that in mind, a picture of a young Hawkey quickly painted himself in my mind.

TFQ: Are there any characters you are dying to draw and will they make an appearance in the All-New Hawkeye series?

Ramón: So far I am more than content with the immediate Hawkeye family… they’ll keep me busy enough as is ;)


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