Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Royal Jelly: Feb 25

There is a ridiculous amount of good stuff out this week. It's going to hurt my bank account. Actually, my wallet is crying softly in a corner as I make my list.....

That got a little dark. Oh well, here's the list:

Bodies 8
Nightbreed 10
Bad Seed 5
Curb Stomp 1
Dark Gods 4
Low 6
Spider Gwen
Spiderman & the X-men 3
They're Not like Us 3
Thor Annual
Wicked + Divine 8
Arkham Manor 5
Rasputin 5

Kick-Ass 3 TP

Love:The Tiger
Walking Dead Vol 11  (for those collecting this edition)

So obviously I'm very excited about two hard covers. One is Magnetic Press' Love:The Tiger. You can read my interview with the amazing illustrator responsible for this masterpiece Frederico Bertolucci right HERE.

The second hard cover is Metabarons from Humanoids. Another classic by Alejandro Jodorowsky which spins from the amazing series The Incal and the massive Jodoverse. Review of this to come shortly.

From DC we have the fifth issue in the Arkham Manor series illustrated by my current fave Batman artist, Shawn Crystal!

From Marvel we all finally get to see Spider Gwen up-close and personal! Read my interview with writer Jason Latour right HERE!

Very excited for the debut of Curb Stomp from Boom Studios! Check out my interview with the creators RIGHT HERE!

Any thoughts? What are you most interested in this week?

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