Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Royal Jelly: Feb 18, 2015

BPRD Hell on Earth 128
The Kitchen #4
Multiversity Mastermen
Autumnlands Tooth and Claw #4
Bitch Planet #3
Lazarus #15
MPH #5
Rumble #3
Manifest Destiny #13
Silk #1
She-Hulk #12
Silver Surfer #9
Wolverines #7

Manara: The Library Vol 6
Barbarella and The Wrath of the Minute-Eater

Lot's of things of note this week! I'd like to remind you that Mark Millar's MPH is finally wrapping up with issue #5!  As well as many great Image series continue! More awesome monster filled Rumble and Manifest Destiny! 

Humanoids releases another Barbarella epic! The Wrath of the Minute-Eater was first collected in 1964. This new English translation has been adapted by Kelly Sue DeConnick, another lady who kick ass. The perfect accompaniment to grabbing your copy of Bitch Planet #3 this week.

A big one on my list this week is Dan Slott & Mike Allred's Silver Surfer. Issue 9 hits the stands tomorrow and I can't wait to see the aftermath of Dawn's abandoning the surfer! You know, due to the fact that she found out who he use to work for  ;) Plus that same employer is supposed to be making an appearance.

From Marvel we also have Silk #1 which I haven't completely resigned myself to read but I though I'd add it to the pull list for those Spider-verse enthusiasts! I'm really more interested in Spider-Gwen.

DC is throwing another installment of Multiversity at us. This one is called Mastermen. I was indifferent to the Guide Book but we'll see what this one has in store. Most of the internet seems to be head over heels in love with Multiversity while I seem to maintain a quiet admiration.

That's about all I'm gonna say today! Stay tuned for special reviews this week!

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