Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bitch Planet #3

I had set out with every intention going into this series, to not write about every issue. I thought I would write about this one however. After reading it, the story is showing us more of it's extreme patriarchal society. Where justice isn't justice and women's lives hang in the balance as men weigh their needs and wants against them.

In the first issue, the structure of the planet didn't seem so obvious to myself. Although immediately a woman loses her life to prison because her husband sought another woman (or so it was implied without all surrounding circumstances revealed). At any rate, without more information I found that the book wasn't particularly involved with feminist issues. At least beyond that. However now that we've made it this far much more is revealed and I'm seeing what DeConnick is doing with this story.

In issue three, Penny Rolle becomes the focus. We get a little back story on how she ended up in the big house as well as some insight into how she views herself and others. For Penny, she doesn't see her obesity as a big problem but rather she sees the people around her as unfit and unwell. A planet obsessed with looking their best, her robust figure is discouraged by the patriarchy who prefers slender women and as a result pushes diet fads on the female populace. It's this that Penny can't tolerate and it ultimately leads to her incarceration.

I myself spend an awful lot of time trying to be fit. I go to the gym, A LOT. I try my best to choose my meals carefully and avoid processed food. It's actually not something I have in common with.. well anyone. I go it in my head that I'd rather be in good shape than eat chips or deep-fried-anything. And sugar? Don't get me started. Yet, if I bother to turn on the tv I'm bombarded with images of women who are slimmer than myself and pushing all kinds of bizarre diet concoctions into my view...yet another great reason why I haven't had cable in years. Yikes! So DeConnick is just blowing up the proportions of the shit us ladies are expected to swallow on a daily basis.

My thoughts are on what other subjects she's going to touch on. Body image is a good important one but I get the feeling she's going to address gender here somewhere. I'm actually shocked there isn't a trans character in this story so far. So that will probably happen at some point. What else will this story address? Thoughts?

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