Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wolverines #4

I know, why am I reading this?? Even this fourth issue is written by Fawkes who I think we all know I've been pretty unhappy with across all labels. From his vaguely illustrated Intersect on Image which who's impression was made even more vague by the script accompanying it, to his work on DC with Constantine and Futures End, I've been severely unhappy with him. Matter of fact, the only things he's put out in the last year that I even remotely liked was his more independently released book The People Inside. Fawkes aside, lets talk about the appearance of new character Fantomelle.

Fantomelle joins the Wolverines as a fellow escape of Paradise where she was created to be the perfect thief. She is now caught in the fold, with her little psychic fox (yes that's right, psychic fox), to help recover Wolverines' body from Sinister and maybe even save the lives of the rapidly declining Weapon X escapees. There you have it that's the plot. Now I wanted to talk about this Fantomelle character. See, I'm not overly impressed. For one, the fox is super cute but um... why is it a fox? On top of being gimicky, what does the fox say? Well it says a who lot of super intelligent non-fox things but only to Fantomelle. Why the hell would someone telepathically link anyone else to a fox? Why not something a bit more sneaky? Like a rat ? OOo, suddenly I want someone to link me to a giraffe... maybe then I can truly understand what it's like to be tall!

Fantomelle actually showed in the issue #3 while trying to acquire The Punisher's t-shirt for a specific client. It was fairly interesting...mostly because I like The Punisher. It was a quarky issue, better than issue #4 but I guess I'm bias. It's just that, not a whole lot happens in issue #4. It's a lot of set up and of course, Fawkes' usual vague allusions.

I wish Nick Bradshaw was still illustrating this but you know, the world is imperfect.

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