Friday, November 14, 2014

Silver Surfer #7

We all know how much I love the new Silver Surfer. Dan Slott has breathed new life into Norren Rad and brought out his humanity (yes i know he's an alien but you know what I mean!) by creating Dawn Greenwood. She's everything you could ask for as the Surfer's traveling companion. She's not a plot device, and she stands up for herself, even to Norren. Hey, even Toomie likes her! At least that's what we learn in this issue. I like Dawn Greenwood because I think she's a good character for young girls. Although she does get saved now and then, she does a fair bit of the saving herself.

What I thought was interesting about this issue, was Allred's use of darkness. When I think of Allred's artwork I always think of lots of bright colors, bold lines! I don't tend to think of panels filled with solid black ink. Yet here, Allred must show Dawn and the Surfer entering a void. It is simply darkness so Allred makes use of this by incorporating a lot of movement, something he's known for anyway. Laura Allred has been coloring this series from the beginning. I think it's beautiful! I'd like some giant posters from this run to cover my walls. Must get on that.

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