Friday, November 7, 2014

Nightworld #4: THE END?!

It's over!! I hate it when this happens but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The closing letters from Adam let us know that there will be a trade in February and two more planned mini series to come! It will not be the last we hear of our hellish friends!

This issue really had some artistic shock hiding within it's pages. Paolo changes things up a bit from his heavy neon pages and drew a lovely set of flashback panels. Instead of actual panels though, he drew the story as if we were looking down into a vintage book. Stained pages and all. It was very lovely with brownish ink. I love when an artist shows off their flexibility in this way. It's a little story within a story. The flashback reveals finally, the truth behind Lydia's waking sleep and how Plenilunio's world was irreparably changed. This might be my favorite part of the story thus far. 

I admit that I sort of wish that the truth behind Plenilunio's life was told earlier on in the series. This is probably due to the nature of waiting on singles. It has felt like such a long wait for this reveal. When I go back and read the four issues all together the story will undoubtedly feel whole. I am delighted that this is going to trade paper and I can't wait for a second mini series! Paolo and Adam must world together much more often. I wonder what else they have up their sleeves...

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