Thursday, November 27, 2014

Madman In Your Face 3D Sepcial

Madman In Your Face 3D Special. It's kinda in your face no? A perfect title for a 3D floppy but it's the content of the story that's actually in your face. While Madman tries to identify his personal truth and persona, you find yourself pondering your own. I guess that's why it's actually IN YOU FACE! Madman tried desperately to get out of the 3 dimensional world and back in the arms of his beloved Joe. Allred is being his amazing self taking you on a 3D time warp through your favorite comic book memories. As Madman runs through his childhood we get to check out some memories from comics like Peanuts.

It almost feels as though Allred is traveling through his artistic influential past. There's also this ghost of past, present and future thing going on which rings true for the holidays. You know, without being totally Charles Dickens oriented. In the process the story is loaded with poetic instances: "If we keep a focus on not taking our lives for granted, we learn and grow from out life experiences" "obviously". There are actually a lot of amazing lines throughout this entire jumbo sized floppie that are so eloquent. The eloquent Madman? Oo that sounds great doesn't it?

This issue was worked on for years. I wish I could comment on the actual 3D art. I actually can't wear 3D glasses. It never works well for me and gives me huge headaches (I hate 3D movies). I had to read the story in the flat world which Madman races to get back to. There is also an awesome gallery at the end of the story that is not to be missed. I wish I could have seen all the 3D awesomeness. Great issue. I'd hug it if it didn't crumple the paper.

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