Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dark Engine #4

Do you like monsters? Especially ones from a heavy metal album or perhaps something that might be imagined in a D&D campaign? If you answered yes then we can be friends. It also means you're going to really enjoy this issue.

I managed to get through the whole issue while being in an awful mood. For unrelated reasons of course. Sometimes when I'm in a bad mood, I can't read anything but this is what I needed. Some kick ass panels, warrior women and well yeah I needed some violence. A truth is revealed about our unbreakable warrior. Shhh I can't tell you but it's a good one. Sym is so awesome, that must be why she's been drawn by so many artists already! In the back of this issue there is yet more portraits from different artists. Each one unique with a different sentiment towards the warrior. I tend to like the more hardcore Sym drawn by Bivens. I'm all about the Frezetta types. Built strong! Although in this issue Sym looks a little worse for wear. Hey, she's been through a lot!

As I mentioned in my pull list for this week, issue number 4 wraps up the first story arc. That isn't to say that all the mystery has been revealed. This story is not over.

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