Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Colder: The Bad Seed #1

Another chapter in the life of Declan Thomas. Colder #1 came out in Nov 2012 with a cripplingly horrific cover. The team has done so again with the debut of Colder: Bad Seed. Declan Thomas has the strange ability to cure madness in others. This madness is attributed to demons and darkness that creeps into peoples lives and corrupting their minds. In Bad Seed he comes into contact with this phalanges loving fiend!

I've been saying it for a while, we need more excellent titles on Darkhorse. I'm always down for more horror so it's nice to see this story resurface and continue! The cover is what caught my attention initially and although I didn't read the initial debut of Declan with Colder #1, I do remember pondering the cover for quite some time. Artist Ferreyra is clearly talented and currently working on another prolific title Aliens: Fire and Ice. Although I'm not immediately attracted to the interior artwork, it simply doesn't call out to me as so many pieces do, it is suitable for the subject matter. It does contain a certain dark and gloomy haze that is appropriate given the tone! I've added this to my subscription list despite it being a mini-series of four issues.

The nice thing about this story is that you don't have to read the first story arc to enjoy it however it has made a convert out of me. I plan to go pick up the original story based on how well put together this issue was. It's important to note that this story is absolutely not for children. I mean, if the cover doesn't terrify the shit out of them immediately, you will be shortly answering a lot of questions along the lines of "mommy, why is that woman sitting naked in that mans lap?". So best keep this one out of the reach of children.

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