Friday, September 19, 2014

Exclusive Interview with Tony Sandoval on his new book DoomBoy

I was really lucky to get an advanced copy of Doomboy from Magnetic Press. Tony lives in Germany which is not at all close to me. So I count myself lucky he was able to take the time to talk to me. Although Magnetic Press has not listed an official date for the release of Doomboy on their site, I'm told it is set for the end of September/early October. 

This fascinating journey about a lonely boy who begins to broadcast songs to his deceased girlfriend. It's difficult to describe which genre this falls under. The story is full of symbolism and magic. You truly have to read it to understand that Doomboy is in a genre of it's own. Written and illustrated by Tony Sandoval, the work has been translated into English from it's original form. Below is my interview with Tony who's first language is not English but I didn't want to adjust the sentence structure for fear of losing his original sentiments. 

Doomboy will be released in a landscape hardcover format. I know it will be on my bookshelf so make sure it's on yours.

Q: I didn't quite know what I was getting into when I first began reading Doomboy. I wasn't sure if it was going to be all fantasy. I don't even know what genre to assign the book. I just know I loved it. How would you classify this story?

Tony: It's just a kind of book I will like to read. Strange story maybe, I can't say is fantasy but it has some elements of that. It's just a little weird story if we can call it like that.

Q: I've been a doom metal fan for years, so when I saw the facebook posts by Magnetic Press I knew I had to read it. Why doom metal? 

Tony: ahh doom! Well I am fan of doom as well. Me and a friend used to make fun of fan of doom, because we thought there were not many. So a doom fan will be mostly lonelly person, so I start making little drawings of doomboy. It just happend.
Q: And can you tell me your favorite doom metal bands?

Tony: It depends of the period, but I like mournful congregation, my dying bride, forest of shadows. Well I don't know if some of those are really doom. Like swallow the sun or mar de grises for mentions some.

Q: Character D has lost his girlfriend to a possible illness. Can you expand on this? What was she sick with? Can you tell me about why you chose this sad path for D?

Tony: I though about of course, but I decide to let it unknow for readers. It fit better with the story  I think.

D is a strong guy. I think this hard time for him was to go ahead and learn. I like the mystery in him. That is why I don't say what happens to him after. If he keeps doing music or not, it was just a piece of his life to us to see.

Q: I can't figure out if D's music is creating magic or if it is all symbolism. Could you explain D's music and where it comes from?

Tony: I like to think magic is just a interpretation of nature, but of course there are different kind of interpretations, like feelings through music. In this case D believed he can do it and did. The rest was a consequences of it and interpretation of the others. I like this kind of things.

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