Monday, August 11, 2014

Royal Jelly : Queen's top picks for release day August 13th

Variant Cover by Tommy Lee Edwards
(did you know there is also a Liefeld cover?)
I thought I might start posting about release day. In particular the titles I am most looking forward to and intend to pick up. I bet some weeks this could turn into a rather lengthy article but I intend to keep it brief and merely discuss a few things and why I am choosing them.

This week's list is a doozey. There are plenty of items I'd love to pick up but one only has so much money to blow on printed paper. This Wednesday I will be grabbing the following:

Dark Ages #1
I Feel Sick #2
Shutter #5
Starlight #5
Walking Dead 130

Hardcover GN:
Megalex (my review)
The People Inside (my review)

Batman Earth One

I'm torn on the Batman trade. I always thought to myself that I'd leave that series to read in trade format but I'm not even sure I'm that interested now. I figure I'll flip through it and then decide. Any thoughts? Moving on, Megalex is being reprinted by Humanoid. It sold out fast first time around so now is your chance to get it quick! I've already read it of course and The People Inside by Ray Fawkes who is Canadian and you might actually recognize his name if you read the new Constantine series.

As for singles, these are all going to be new to me except for I Feel Sick #2 which is a reprinting of a short story that Jhonen Vasquez put out over ten years ago. I only read it in TP format so I'm happy to buy the singles even if they are a whopping $5.95 a piece. Starlight #5 is one I've been anticipating for a while. It's a big late as we didn't get one in July *cries* but we're in store for something great as Goran has mentioned via facebook.

Finally I wanted to mention Dark Ages #1. This one caught my eye because it's creators are Dan Abnett and I.N.J. Culbard. Culbard's work has been attracting much of my attention lately. His covers always draw me in. He's been around for a while but only really shown up for me earlier this year as an artist of interest.

So that's the jelly. What are you looking to grab!?

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